Found in 2008, The East-Asia Psycho-Oncology Network (EAPON) was created to foster the communication and collaboration on psycho-oncology among East Asian countries. At the very beginning, EAPON is named as EAPOS which is short for East-Asia Psycho-Oncology Society then changed its name to EAPON in 2010, for it’s not a real society but envisaged as a “network” or affiliation of those interested and working in Psycho-oncology across East Asia.

The provisional objectives of EAPON are as follows:

  • To provide a resource network to advocate for psycho-oncology across East and South East Asia.
  • To encourage, enhance and advise on research aimed at optimizing psychosocial care for people of East and South East Asian cultural backgrounds.
  • Through its actions, to increase the evidence base for psycho-oncology practice across East and South East Asian populations.
  • To provide focus, support and expertise for psycho-oncology practitioners
  • To build a new concept of holistic medicine under the East Asian cultural backgrounds.