CSCO 2016 第三届北京黑色素瘤国际研讨会

通知公告 2016-10-11


On behalf of Peking University cancer hospital and CSCO (Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology), we are pleased to invite you to the 2016 CSCO 3rd Beijing international Melanoma Congress, to be held in Beijing on Oct 22-23, 2016.

This conference will provide a highly interactive forum in which leading experts and clinical researchers in the field of melanoma can discuss recent advances in clinical trial data and scientific research. This blend of clinical and scientific research with clinical practice will offer the unique opportunity for participants to be updated on all aspects of melanoma research. Lectures and Panel discussions will highlight important developments in the field, including emerging therapies and implementation of new treatment strategies. We are certain you will gain valuable insight into the current status of preclinical melanoma research and the application of new trial data into clinical practice to ultimately improve patient care.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016 CSCO 3rd Beijing international Melanoma Congress. We hope that you will also enjoy the beauty and culture of Beijing.


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  Jun Guo, MD, PhD  Chair        Keith T.Flaherty, MD  Chair

Friday, Oct21,    2016
1:00pm–8:00pmRegistration; Lobby in New Yunnan Hotel Beijing
Saturday,OCT 22, 2016
7:00am-8:30amRegistration & Breakfast
8:30am-9:00amWelcome and Introductions
Prof. Zhan Qimin (President of Peking University Health  Science Center,CHN)
Prof. Sun Yan (Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, CHN)
Prof. Qin Shukui (Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, CHN)
Keynote Lecture
         Host: Prof. Qin Shukui (Bayi Hospital of PLA, Nanjing,CHN)
        Prof. Liang Jun (Peking University International Hospital,CHN)
9:00am–9:30amThe Melanoma Treatment Landscape and Lessons from the Lab
Georgina Long, MD (University of Sydney, Melanoma Institute of Australia,AUS)
9:30am–10:00amOptimizing the immunotherapy /targeted therapy combinations
Keith T. Flaherty, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center,USA)
10:00am–10:10amCoffee & Tea
Session 1: Neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy of melanoma
   Host: Prof. Liu Weifeng (Beijing Jishuitan hospital, CHN)
      Prof. Li Hang(Peking University First Hospital,CHN)
10:10am-10:30amPerspectives on earlier use of drugs with demonstrated activity at late stage
Alexander Eggermont,MD,PhD(Institut de cander ologie GustaveRoussy, FR)
10:30am–10:50amThe landscape of adjuvant therapy: where are we now
Sanjiv Agarwala (Temple University School of Medicine, USA)
10:50am–11:10amUpdate of results on adjuvant trials
Helen Gogas, MD (University of Athens, GRE)
11:10am–11:40amQuestion & Panel Discussion
All attendees
Satellite Meeting
1-MSD Company
2-BMS Company
Session 2: Immunotherapy
    Host: Prof. Lin Tongyu (Sun Yat-Sen University  Cancer Hospital, CHN)
        Prof. Tao Min (The 1st affiliated hospital of Soochow university, CHN)
1:30pm-1:50pmLessons from the KEYNOTE 001 pembrolizumab trial
     Richard Kefford PhD, (University of Sydney, Melanoma Institute of Australia, AUS)
1:50pm-2:10pmImmunotherapy for melanoma: current clinical advances
   Omid Hamid, MD(Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA)
2:10pm-2:45pmInterpreting the results of melanoma immunotherapy trials
   Merrick Ross, MD, (MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA)
2:45pm-3:05pmBiomarkers of response to immunotherapy: are we close    to clinical implementation?
     Caroline Robert, MD ( Institut de canderologieGustaveRoussy, FRA)
3:05pm–3:25pmSequential versus combination of immunotherapy and targeted therapy
   Steven O’Day, MD (John Wayne Cancer Institute, USA)
3:25pm-3:35pmCoffee & Tea
Session 3: Targeted Therapy
    Host: Prof. Lu Aiping(Peking University cancer hospital, CHN)
        Prof. Wu Di (The First hospital of Jilin University, CHN)
3:35pm–3:55pmSignal transduction pathways in melanoma
     Jeffery Sosman, MD (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, USA)
3:55pm–4:15pmPotential targets in acral and mucosal melanoma
     Jun Guo, MD, PhD ( Peking University Cancer Hospital, CHN)
4:15pm–4:35pmLong term responses with vemurafenib and dabrafenib
     Axel Hauschild, MD (University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, GER)
4:35pm–4:55pmMelanoma resistance: defining the final common pathway
     Dirk Schadendorf, MD (University Hospital Essen, GER)
4:55pm–5:15pmNew therapeutic candidate targets
   Grant McArthur (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center,AUS)
5:15pm–5:35pmQuestion &Panel Discussion
   All attendees
SUNday, OCT 23, 2016
Session 4: Local Therapy
    Host: Prof. Liu Jiwei (Dalian Medical University Hospital,CHN)
        Prof. Zhang Xiaoshi ( Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Hospital,CHN)
8:00am–8:20amOverview of oncolytic immunotherapy today
   Sanjiv Agarwala (Temple University School of Medicine, USA)
8:20am–8:40amOncolytic immunotherapies changing the path of tumor resistance
   Robert Andtbacka,MD (University of Utah, USA)
8:40am–9:00amNovel topical therapy for melanoma in situ using an immune modulator
XiaoweiXu, PhD (Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Session 5: Acral & Mucosal    Melanoma Forum
    Host: Prof. Chen Xiaohong(Beijing Tongren Hospital)
        Prof. Fan Yun(Cancer Hospital of Zhejiang Province)
9:00am-9:15amWhole genome sequencing of acral melanoma
Graham Mann,Ph.D(University of Sydney, AUS)
9:15am–9:30amWhole genome sequencing of mucosal melanoma
Yan Kong, PhD(Peking University Cancer Hospital, CHN)
9:30am-09:45amImmunotherapy in mucosal melanoma
Georgina Long, MD (University of Sydney, Melanoma Institute of Australia, AUS)
9:45am-10:00amClinical management of acral and mucosal melanoma
Jun Guo (Peking University Cancer Hospital, CHN)
10:00am–10:15amClinical management of uveal and conjunctive melanoma
Richard Carvajal, MD (Columbia University Medical Center, USA)
10:15am–10:30ampathology in melanoma, including the tumor microenvironment on anti-PD1
Richard Scolyer, MD ( University of Sydney, Melanoma Institute of Australia, AUS )
10:30am–10:40amCoffee & Tea
10:40am–10:50amExperience and melanoma treatment in Taiwan
Zhang Wenzhen, MD (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan,CHN)
10:50am–11:00amExperience and melanoma treatment in Korea
Sujin Lee, MD (Samsung Medical Center,Sungkyunkwan University, KOR)
11:00am–11:10amCase Discussion 1: acral melanoma
Lu Si, MD (Peking University Cancer Hospital &Institute, CHN)
11:10am–11:20amCase Discussion 2: mucosal melanoma
Anthony Ying, MD (Dr.Anthony C.H.Ying’ Clinic, Hong Kong, CHN) 
Session 6: Oral Presentation
    Host:  Prof. Song Xin (Cancer Hospital of Yunnan Province,CHN)
        Prof. Chi Zhihong (Peking University Cancer Hospital& Institute, CHN)
11:20am–11:26am Five high quality trials are helping define the role of radiotherapy in melanoma
Elizabeth Paton, MD( University of Technology, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
11:26am–11:32amA prognostic model based on preoperative inflammatory    markers for acral melanoma patients
Rao Wang, MD (Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Hospital,CHN)
11:32am–11:38amThe natural history and patterns of metastases from mucosal melanoma: an analysis of 706 prospectively-followed patients from China
Bin Lian, M.D ( Peking University Cancer Hospital &Institute,CHN)
11:38am–11:44amGenotype and standard clinical features in 2793 melanomas
Lili Mao, M.D ( Peking University Cancer Hospital &Institute,CHN)
11:44am–11:50amPD-L1 Expression in Acral& Mucosal Melanoma and Its Clinical Significance
Xue Bai, M.D ( Peking University Cancer Hospital &Institute,CHN)
11:50am–12:00amClinical Activity of Pembrolizumab in Chinese patients with melanoma
Xizhi Wen, M.D (Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Hospital,CHN)
12:00am–12:06amOrienX010 Oncolytic Viral Therapy in Phase Ⅰb Trial of    Intralesional Injection in Unresected Stage IIIC to IV Acral Melanoma Patients in China
Chuanliang Cui,M.D ( Peking University Cancer Hospital &Institute,CHN)
12:06am–12:30amPanel Discussion & Closing Remarks
Jun Guo, MD, PhD (Peking University Cancer Hospital,CHN)