The Third Meeting of East Asia Psycho-oncology Network (EAPON)Beijing, China

Plenary Speakers

  • Luigi Grassi is Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Behaviour and Communication, Section of Clinical Psychiatry, at the University of Ferrera, Italy. He is immediate Past President of the International Psycho-Oncology Society, and has been widely active in the area of psycho-oncology, in particular in the detection and treatment of depression and distress. During his time as IPOS President, Luigi was instrumental in establishing the IPOS Federation and as an active researcher was a core member of the Southern European Psycho-Oncology Study on the needs of cancer patients in Southern Europe. 
  • Dr. Barry Bultz is the Director of the Department of Psychosocial Resources at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has had a pivotal role in the development of Psychosocial Oncology in Canada. Dr. Bultz was also the driving force behind the creation of the Division of Psychosocial Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary and currently serves as Adjunct Professor and Chair of that Division. Dr. Bultz is a co-founder and Past President of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) and a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association. He has championed, advocated, and published for the recognition of “Distress” being branded the “6th Vital Sign” in Oncology.
  • Dr. Wendy WT Lam joined the School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong as Assistant Professor in September, 2007. She is also the deputy director of Centre for Psycho-Oncological Research and Teaching at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests focus on patient decision making, doctor-patient communication, and psychosocial adjustment resulting from cancer diagnosis and treatment. She was awarded the 2007 Hiroomi Kawano Young Investigator Award by the International Psycho-Oncology Society for her work on Chinese women with breast cancer.